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Company history

VACU-LIFT, the success story began…

An enquiry of a well-respected customer was the beginning of our vacuum transport system production.

"We need a system to transport heavy stainless steel sheets in our production areas." Ambition spurred the small team on to prove that they are a capable think tank. A smart solution must be found with out current consumption (please have in mind; current supply wasn't available everywhere in the workshops that time).

Their fixed idea was an independent solution with switchable vacuum - unbelievable then. A lot of trouble and problems for the small team, but they did it!

The first device was delivered to a sceptical but afterwards really satisfied customer in early 1967. It was at the very beginning but also a chance for vacuum transport systems to conquer the world.

Today the brand VACU-LIFT stands for creative engineering, innovative solutions and the worldwide leadership in vacuum transport systems.

VACU-LIFT milestones since 1967

A steel reseller with several affiliates ordered an independent transport solution at the still small company. The worldwide first vacuum lifter for the transport of steel sheets was developed and successfully implemented as a new storage technique.

A large German steel mill ordered a huge number of VACU-LIFTs.

A special pivoting solution for big concrete slabs was developed for a French manufacturer.

The great break through came during the fair „Schweißen & Schneiden“ in Essen. References from all branches convinced the qualified and interested visitors. International contacts were established.

The vacuum transport solutions from VACU-LIFT nearly know no borders. State-owned companies from the USSR ordered large lifting systems.

A well known German automobile manufacturer placed an order for another special solution during the fair “EURO-Blech” in Hannover. Equipment for an assembly line to lift, pivote and turn parts.

VACU-LIFT develops new special applications for the glass-, shipyard and trailer branches. 

An assembly device for an American aerospace company was developed by VACU-LIFT for the transport of highly sensitive satellite components. 

VACU-LIFT designs and supplies efficient transport systems for the wind power industry. Girders shear webs, tail girders, root inserts, stiffeners, caps, shells or complete blades are now easy to handle.

The world’s largest vacuum lifter with a length of 60 meters and a lifting capacity of 24.000 kg was made for a Belgian factory. Two precast concrete parts could be lifted simultaneously with this VACU-LIFT.

Four European AIRBUS plants got new production lines equipped with VACU-LIFTERS for the new model A350. With these special vacuum transport systems parts of the aircraft nose, the fuselage, the rear parts, doors, etc. made of carbon fiber can be demoulded, lifted, turned, pivoted, positioned and stored.

New developed VACU-LIFTERS for the handling of large pipes were delivered. The brand new automatic radius adjustment (radius range 500 mm up to flat sheets) enables a fast and more effective production, storage and installation of pipes up to a weight of 40 tons.

The business ownership changes to the well known Mr. Andreas Schlickmann who was responsible for sales, marketing, technique, company organisation and the financial department since 2006.

VACU-LIFT wird 50 Jahre!

Allen an der 50 jährigen Unternehmensgeschichte beteiligten Menschen ob Kunde, Lieferant oder Mitarbeiter gebührt unser Respekt und Dank für ihre geleistete Arbeit, ihr Engagement und ihr Vertrauen.

Gemeinsam haben wir schon viel erreicht und das ist erst der Anfang!

Vacuum lifting by VACU-LIFT since 1967