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Powered VacuLifters®

For horizontal or vertical transport of nearly every material and shape.

VACU-LIFT offers you a wide variety of standard systems for the gentle transport of your loads, also for sensitive products. A tried and tested technique with outstanding durability.

If you have to transport special materials, dimensions, transport- or temperature conditions (up to 450°C) or coils, tubes, blades for wind power stations or their components, … - VACU-LIFT has for each application the perfect and easy solution.


  • Standard and individual solutions available
  • Lifting capacities without any limit
  • Low maintenance even if the going gets tough
  • Gentle transport of goods also for sensitive products
  • Easy controlled
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Sophisticated, durable system by 50 year experience
  • Available standard voltages 24 – 500 Volt
  • Increased safety with optical and acoustical safety unit (not only EN 13155)
  • Safe in case of power failure
  • Made in Germany