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Self-suction VacuLifters®

For horizontal transport of smooth, non porous loads


  • Energy independent
  • Automatic mod Plug & play, immediately ready for operation
  • Standard and individual solutions available
  • Lifting capacities of up to 7,000 kg
  • Low maintenance even if the going gets tough
  • Gentle transport of goods also for sensitive products
  • Simply controlled e.g. by crane control
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Sophisticated system by 50 years experience
  • 30 years warranty of spare part availability
  • Made in Germany

Flexible configurable basic unit

Each specific type series has the same basic unit. The customised devices are equipped with different beams, suction pads and with high quality sealing rings, which are exchangeable. If required oil or heat resistant sealing rings are also available. You need a vacuum lifter for different applications? No problem, VacuLifters can be configurated very flexible. For example you can use the basic unit with different suction pads ore beam units. With a quick release set you can exchange the suction pads for another application in seconds. Only one VacuLifter for different applications – an investment which pays off.

VacuLifter® are solid and durable, they last almost forever. Therefore we offer an outstanding guarantee - 30 years of spare part availability.