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VacuLifter® for roofs and cladding

VacuLifter® for sandwich panels and trapezodial plates

Elements for roofs and walls of large industrial buildings need special attention on site.
Therefore we take special care for the saftey and offer you only devices which fulfill all standards and legal requirements.
Regardless which shape or length your material have, we would like to solve this transport problem for you.
Feel free to contact us.

  • Lifting capacity depending on setup up to 800 kg
  • solid solution for tough construction site conditions
  • flexible and expandable plug-in system
  • German industrial grade components
  • 90° pivotable (automatic safe lock-in positions 0° and 90°)
  • increased safety by 2 vacuum circuits with reserve
  • colour code for each vacuum circuit
  • controlled by visual and acoustic safety unit


  • sliding valves with safety lock
  • low-maintenance
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • replaceable suspension
  • available also as single circuit devices (doubled lifting capacity max. 800 kg)
  • Sophisticated, durable systems by 50 year experience
  • Made in Germany