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Vacuum Traverse

Information about Vacuum Traverses

Accurately fitting solutions and patented technique

VACU-LIFT Transport Systems are designed for various branches of industry and multifunctional applications. Either as a standard or as an customised system. Individual fields of application and the enormous versatility of our VACU-LIFTERS leave nothing to be desired. Our valued customers from all industrial sectors ask for ambitious tasks and solutions which we can implement successfully by our technical competence, committed employees and our know-how. Our solutions are the essential component for the economical and failure free operation of many companies.

VACU-LIFT is still setting standards

our VacuLifters® are setting standards. VacuLifter® with familiar proved and tested top quality are ready to solve transport problems worldwide. VACU-LIFT continuous rely on “Made in Germany”.

The advantages of our vacuum traverses at a glance

  • top quality
  • short delivery times
  • good prices
  • long durability

You are interested in our vacuum traverses? Learn more about it on our website. We will be pleased to receive your inquiry.

VACu-LIFT Vacuum Traverse

Why VacuLifters® are simply the best.

  • For more than 50 years VACU-LIFT has developed, produced and sold vacuum transport systems
  • As the inventor of sophisticated vacuum lifters, we have gained an internationally acknowledged reputation
  • More than 26.000 devices are in use around the world
  • Individual fields of application and the enormous versatility of our VacuLifters® leave nothing to be desired
  • We are the leading manufacturer of vacuum transport systems
  • VACU-LIFT transport systems ensure failure-free and effective work flows