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VacuLifter® – The Original


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VacuLifter® – The original

We are worldwide the specialists for intra-plant transports of heavy or sensitive materials with rough, smooth or porous surfaces. In addition to the protection of sensitive surfaces our vacuum lifting technology opens many opportunities. Our main focus is the optimal process velocity- regardless of lifting, turning or pivoting of loads.

Most important these days is an efficient workflow. We customise our systems to your optimal process velocity and assure lean, fast and safe processes- no matter how heavy, big, bulky or sensitive your loads are.

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Our company profile

Foundation: 1967
Patents: over 20
Location: Germany
Employees: 40
Systems sold: over 28,000 units
Sales area: worldwide in more than 40 countries

VacuLifter® – The Original

Wherever the precision and efficiency of internal logistics is crucial for the production process, our vacuum lifting and transport systems have become indispensable today.

As a pioneer and inventor of this technology, we have paved the way for it worldwide with our patents over the past 50 years.