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Horizontal lifting of up to 75 kg with 1 suction pad.

With a net weight of less than 5 kg, the U01-E is the most compact and, above all, the lightest original VacuLifter®. This is made possible by a robust plastic housing - a real all-rounder and the perfect introduction to VacuLift technology.  

The energy-independent and mechanical systems for the horizontal transport of smooth and airtight materials are immediately ready for use. Indoors or outdoors, our self-suction vacuum lifters can be optimally tailored to your requirements.

They are primarily characterised by their ease of use. For example, the crane control or the automatic switching of the vacuum when putting on and taking off guarantee smooth transport. The sensitive surfaces are protected by the different cross members, suction pads and sealing rings made of high-quality rubber.

Equipped with an optical-acoustic warning system, the self-sufficient VacuLifter® offer even greater safety in use.

Standards of all Green Line VacuLifter®

  • Energy-independent
  • Standard and individual solutions
  • 30 Year warranty on spare parts availability
  • Made in Germany




75 kg

Max. load dimension (reference sheet metal)

1000 x 1000 mm

Min. load dimension

Ø 210 mm

Min. thickness (for steel)

2 mm

Dead weigth

5 kg

Suction pads no./size

1 / Ø 210 mm

Minimum load

5 kg

Length x widht x switching height

210 x 210 x 440 mm

Change set Transport trolley Water separator Ergoflex operating handle Forklift traverse Parking supports Suction pad shut-off via manual valve Foldable beam Weld-on hook

Change set

The interchangeable set enables different suction pads and compact truss units to be connected via a pin connector and a vacuum quick-release coupling. The suction pad can be replaced quickly and easily without having to separate the VacuLifter from the crane hook. The exchange set is available for loads up to 300 kg. For higher load capacities only available on request.


Transport trolley

The rollable transport trolley ensures maximum mobility. The free-standing loading area, where the suction pads float freely during transport, protect the suction pad seals (sealing rings).


Water separator

The water separator is particularly recommended for use in a damp environment (e.g. in the area of a water jet cutter or outdoors). The fill level can be viewed at any time through the glass and can be emptied using the drain screw if necessary. This optional accessory prevents moisture from getting inside the device and thus prevents possible corrosion.


Ergoflex operating handle

The Ergoflex operating handle offers a number of ergonomic advantages in addition to the standard handle. It can be swiveled by approx. 135 ° so that the height of the handle can be adapted to the operator or the application. The additional telescoping of the handle from 675 to 1030 mm also generates better accessibility, e.g. when transporting wide loads.


Forklift traverse

For the use of VacuLifters on a forklift truck, the forklift traverse is required, which is available in different load capacities (630, 1,500 and 2,500 kg). When selecting the appropriate forklift traverse, it should be noted that the weight of the VacuLifter must be added to the maximum load weight.


Parking supports

The parking supports provide maximum protection for the suction pads and the sealing rings. If the VacuLifter is not used in the meantime and is parked by the crane, for example, it can be equipped with the fold-up parking supports. When the parking supports are folded down, the suction pads float above the ground and are protected from damage and contamination. In addition, the parking supports can be used as an additional handle / guide handle in a horizontal position and in a vertical upward position. The Green Line VacuLifter can therefore also be operated from the front.


Suction pad shut-off via manual valve

The suction pad can be switched off individually or in pairs using additional manual valves. This is an advantage when individual suction pads are not required for a short time. For example, if there are cut-outs in the load or if a smaller dimension is to be transported and the operator cannot or does not want to change the suction pad position and / or crossbar position.


Foldable beam

A foldable beam is required if shorter loads, e.g. must be placed in a box or on a table, but an overall longer main traverse for larger load dimensions cannot be dispensed with. The folding traverse guarantees a high degree of flexibility, which prevents a collision with possible obstacles.


Weld-on hook

Weld-on hooks make the VacuLifters even more practical. The weld-on hook can easily be attached to different positions in order to hang in different loads.